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1. 简介 Introduction


Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between international and domestic art-related institutions to promote mutual learning within the cultural and artistic field in turn stimulate thinking and creativity, in order to consolidate and maintain friendships within the industry, and then to develop and enhance public  cultural taste.


Blue Roof Museum with its good reputation and a wealth of experience in the art industry have tried best to to develop a full range of artistic exchange activities through exhibition venues providing, exhibitions planning, individual exhibitors recommending, academic seminars organizing, etc..

2012年10月10日至16日,第二届UP-ON(向上)国际现场艺术节在蓉举办,成都蓝顶美术馆与北京德国文化中心 — 歌德学院作为活动主办双方,借此良机探讨行为艺术的现状,拓展成都本土与国内外的艺术交流,更与观众展开了难得的教育和互动。活动邀请了包括中国大陆各省、台湾、澳门等地,以及来自于德、北爱尔兰、波兰、以色列、新加坡、泰国、日本等国内外的26位行为艺术家,在蓝顶美术馆、川大、川音美院等地展开了一系列富有探索性和趣味性的活动,借行为现场艺术这种以观念与肢体表现相融合的艺术形式,与观众一起体验先锋艺术中诗意的力量。而于蓝顶艺术教育研究中心开办的讲座,更是为观众们系统介绍了成都行为艺术的发展历程。

The second session of the UP-ON International Live Art Festival was held in Chengdu on 10th October 2012, which is organized by both Chengdu Blue Roof Museum and Beijing German Cultural Center – The Goethe Institute. The two organizers have taken this opportunity to explore the status of the performance art, to expand local and domestic and international art exchange in Chengdu, and have launched a rare educational and interactive event with public audience. About 26 artists around the world have been involved in this event, including the Chinese mainland, Taiwan province, Macau province, as well as from Germany, Ireland, Poland, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and others, and these artists made a series of rich and interesting exploration activities through the integration of physical art performance in Blue Roof Museum, Sichuan University, Chengdu Fine Art Academy and some other places, which successfully guided the audience to experience the power of poetic avant-garde art. And the lectures held in Blue Roof Art Education Center have provided a systematic introduction of the development of performance art in Chengdu for all the audience.


The exhibition co-organized by both Blue Roof Museum and Consulate General of France in Chengdu "Regards croises, Voyages interieurs - French artist residency in China" on 2nd Nov. 2013 , which is not limited to the exhibition itself, but also extended to the public education: one of the participants, French artist Ms Avena led Chinese college students to realize an amazing three-day creation installation performance art. After this event, the French Consul General in Chengdu Mr. Wei Yashu, cultural commissioner Miss Luo Lansi and Blue Roof Museum have established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship.


In addition, the exhibition “With greetings from home” that organized by Blue Roof Museum and Frauenmuseum of Bonn,Germany, on 8th November 2014, six German female artists have brought their works in different forms, including opera, images, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations, and have tried to create an unique cultural feast. And as an exchange program established between Blue Roof Museum and Frauenmuseum, Blue Roof Museum will also organize their own artists to make an exhibition in Bonn, Germany at the end of 2015.


  Through cooperation and exchange project, Blue Roof Museum have not only made deep collaborative relationship with many domestic and international artistic groups and institutions, but also effectively extended its influence to all over the world, and let people who wanted to approach Blue Roof Museum have experienced different cultural feasts.

2. 章程Regulations

第一条 合作目的 Art.1 Cooperation Aims


Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between international and domestic art-related institutions to promote mutual learning within the cultural and artistic field in turn stimulate thinking and creativity, in order to consolidate and maintain friendships within the industry, and then to develop and enhance public cultural taste

第二条 合作对象 Art.2 Cooperation partner


All domestic and foreign art-related institutions, including art museums, art galleries, art fairs, art institutions, art associations, etc.

第三条 合作方式 Art.3 Cooperation Mode


Exchange exhibition: After confirming cooperation, the partner institution and Blue Roof Museum have to negotiate exhibition time, and then to select the participating artists for organizing an exhibition respectively in each other’s exhibition venue.

第四条 展览申请 Art.4 Application


Institutions may submit a written application (Download application form from annex) directly to the project leader of Blue Roof Museum. In principal, all applications must be proposed nine months before the scheduled opening of the exhibition.

第五条 项目审核 Art.5 Project review


Once the application is approved, the cooperation institution should have to confirm the theme of exhibition, the participating artists and their works within three months, all related information should be sent to Blue Roof Museum for a preliminary examination.

第六条 项目实施 Art.6 Project implementation


Exhibition-related obligations and specific undertakings respect to the principle of reciprocity. (See details and expense in contract)

第七条 免责申明 Art.7 Exemption declaration


Applying and participating the exchange and cooperation project means to accept and respect all the principles and requirements of Blue Roof Museum. Blue Roof Museum retains the final interpretation of all matters not covered by this regulation.
















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   If you are willing to apply for the program, please fill in the application form in the last page or download it at attachment and then send it with other documents requested blueroof@blueroofmuseum.com. We will arrange for our project leader to contact you once your application is approved.



   Thank you for applying for The Cooperation and exchanges between Art Institutions Program!